#Reflection 2

I never imagine myself to get married. Ok tipu. Pernah imagine tapi selalunya separuh jalan. Sebab takut. Selalu kalau imagine, aku akan terbayang benda lain. Every worse thing that I can imagine. Jadi penyudahnya, memang tak akan habis imagine. Sekarang lagi 2 bulan, aku nak kahwin. Oh Tuhan, sebab selalu imagine pasal kahwin ni separuh jalan, sekarang ni macam gundah gulana dibuatnya. I plan everything, mengikut norma masyarakat Melayu, and I did not do weird things. (yang melanggar standard planning orang Melayu kita). Sometimes it can be a funny experience, sometimes it can be a sad one (most of the time takdalah happy sangat). I burnt my first dish at my soon to be in laws house, I had a makeup malfunction during my engagement (what else could be worse). Seriously I think I am soo funny and pathetic at the same time. With no references whatsoever, me and my sugar are the first child to get married in our family and..yeah..yeay or no yeay. Harini nangis sebab kebodohan sendiri, esok gelak sorang sorang sebab pikir macamanalah boleh goreng karipap sampai hangus. But thing is, i write this because I want to remember the funny and sad story I had before I get married. I hope I will pass this weird phase with flying colors. Orang kata the phase after the wedding day is more weird. Aduh penat. Demi teman seumur hidup. God help me

Middle of March (last year)

Currently listening to Hetty Koes Endang hence the mood to write. Sugar bought me flowers today. A bouquet that I really want. Lilies and daisies. I smiled all day today. Little things do work wonders heh? I bet it did :)

I wish to have a good life even though I know how hard to earn it.
I wish to be happy and happy is a choice made by myself.
Take a chill pill, enjoy every moment in front of you, and stop thinking about something you are not sure of. Uncertainties......don't let it overwhelmed you.
I am more than grateful to have my favorite people around me. Very less in number but means a world to me.


I wish people around me will understand how demotivated i am, and how i wish i can finish my masters asap. It's not easy. I don't like what i do right now. Fin. *deep breath* 

Reflection #1

There isn't much to live
I guess I thought of it as too much burden
But now I know how special each and everyday is-Radiant Office ep 10

Which literally makes me think that well, I've always thought of my life as a burden. Life is always a blessing, habibah. Will always be. No matter how hard it is for you.